About Us

The Uber of Self-Love

Our Mission

Hair Konfidence is the world’s first Augmented Reality African American hair styling app. HairKonfidence recognizes that within our black community hair is more than just hair, it is a representation of our rich history that is rooted back to our ancestors. The goal of HairKonfidence is to reignite the love of our African textured hair by providing a platform to view our textured hair in a more loving way. Through our H.K platform we aim to regrow our confidence, one root at a time.

I had a dream…

No, I am not related to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, lol however, HairKonfidence started in 2018 after waking up from a dream. The dream was so inspirational it directed the path towards the App you see today. HairKonfidence aims to build self-love throughout the black community by providing a platform for us to access our hair and be educated about the roots of our hair history.