"But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore you are of more value than many sparrows."

~ God ~
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You were born crowned

African descendants love of hair isn’t just about hair, it is a representation of our lost history. Although we’ve lost or history, our history had never left us…it  had been woven within our DNA and has always been apart of us. Each time we pick up a comb to style our hair, our ancestors speaks to us, to communicate the love, the strength, and  the value our hair possess.

Historically our hair represented our status in society and/or the tribe we belonged to. Our hair served as a means of survival when food was place within our braids to feed us on our journey. Our hair braiding pattern served as road maps to escape the harshness of slavery. Our hair roots also serves as the DNA map that was always there to guide us back to our true home.

It is very essential for us to know our history and since a lot of this was lost during slavery, I believe an essential starting place is at the roots of our hair. HairduKation purpose is to educate, not only about the history of our hair but also about how to care for our hair to ensure continued growth for generations to come.

A village without knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots.

~Marcus Garvey~